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Sunrise Citrus Candle in Concrete Vessel

Rayelle Collection

Sunrise Citrus Candle in Concrete Vessel


hand poured | small batch | artisan concrete candles | 100% natural soy

Where fruity citrus combines to form a scent that will remind you of sunny warmth on a tropical island. Smells like a Volcano candle, but better!
Top: Orange, Lemon, Lime
Middle: Tropical Florals, Mountain Greens
Base: Sugared Citrus

Hand made concrete vessel.  Each candle is different as they are mixed and poured one at a time.  mixing and pouring one at a time gives a cleaner and one of a kind mark.  Each vessel is sealed with a water-based, non-toxic, made in the USA sealant.  

Sunrise Citrus is the perfect mix of fresh with citrus.  Highly fragranced.  

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